About Dorset Youth for Christ

We’re about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus

Dorset YFC launched in 2017 and our vision is to be a dynamic and innovative Christian faith-based youth and community organisation.

We believe that youth work adds purpose to the lives of children and young people. Our goal is to help young people develop lasting attributes and enable them to reach their full potential. We help them develop confidence, inclusion and self-worth. Most importantly, we help them develop a lasting understanding of the Christian faith and also a personal relationship with Jesus if they decide to follow Him.

Our mission is to take good news relevantly to every young person within Dorset.

Our youth projects include community and church-based youth work. We also work in local schools delivering Christian unions, spiritual retreats, assemblies, lessons, mentoring, advice and guidance, and outdoor learning programmes. We are working in partnership with churches and schools but seek to widen this across every community in Dorset. We are currently exploring outreach projects with the local authority and partnership with other community and Christian organisations.

Our Team

Aaron Rigby


Aaron is the Director and founder of Dorset YFC. He has over seventeen years of experience working with young people in Christian, Educational and Government based environments. With a degree in applied Theology, Youth and Community work and a NVQ level 6 in Careers Guidance, Aaron feels he has the expertise and the calling to deliver the Gospel message relevantly to young people.

Aaron is a FA qualified football coach and manages a lively team of 10 year olds. He is married to Caroline, who is a school Nurse and together they have four children. The Rigby’s enjoy beach days and camping holidays.

Graham Waters


Graham became a trustee in 2018, after a recent move to Dorset from Surrey.

His career was spent largely in local government in the south east of England where he held senior management roles in different councils and was responsible for a range of public amenities, including housing and leisure services. In 2010, he became chief executive of a Christian charity based in central London with around 400 employees, which provides residential care for older people and homeless hostels for younger people in various locations across the country. He passionately believes in helping those of any age who need support and is delighted to now be able to contribute to the work of Youth For Christ.

Graham has been engaged in youth work within a Christian setting as a volunteer for a lot of his life, including heading up the youth activities for over 10 years in his previous church in Surrey and operating as a leader at Mid Wessex Christian Camps for around 13 years. These roles have included everything from spiritual leadership and planning through to driving minibuses, looking after the fabric of campsites and emptying toilets!

Married with two grown up children, Graham loves living in a thatched cottage in the Dorset countryside and looking after the latest additions to the family: chickens and alpacas.

Barrie and Jeannette Frampton


My name is Barrie and I am married to Jeannette. We became Christians in the late eighties.

Our first church was in Blandford Dorset and this is where we met Aaron about 15 years ago.

We were leading a house group at the time and Aaron and his wife Caroline joined us. Our relationship with them grew stronger over the years to include their four children. It was a huge privilege to be asked to be Trustees for the new Dorset Youth For Christ.

Harry Vincent

Senior Youth Worker

Harry holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Applied Theology with a focus on Youth and Community work, as well as a JNC Qualification in Youthwork and a Level 7 Qualification in Chaplaincy. He has over thirteen years of relational experience supporting young people who face a variety of challenges, equipping and empowering them with the practical and emotional skills they need to overcome them. In his current positions with Dorset Youth for Christ, Harry is able to offer the core foundational spiritual support that is also needed for young people to truly flourish and develop.

Harry lives in Dorset with his Wife and two children and has a passion for adventure. He has a keen interest in the natural world, practicing wilderness living skills, and as a family they spend time together enjoying the wonders of God’s creation.

James & Jazmine Webb


James and Jazmine have been married for almost 19 years, and live in Christchurch Dorset with their three sons; Sanasar, Benjamin and Teddy. They attend Christchurch Baptist Church.

Jasmine is Armenian and started attending church when she was 4 years old when her mother first joined an underground Pentecostal church in, what was then, Soviet Armenia. Having moved to Russia as a teenager with her mother and step-father, she went on to spend 2 years at a bible college in Moscow. Over the years she has always been actively involved in local churches in various ministries, such as working with Jewish communities in Russia and leading Alpha courses here in the UK.

Raised in the Black Country, James made his way to Dorset in 1999 to study Theology at Moorlands College, where he met a fellow Black Country boy – Mr Aaron Rigby! The two have remained good friends ever since. He is a member of his local amateur dramatic society and is also keen to use his acting skills to communicate the gospel message.


“Aaron & Harry have both been working with some of our vulnerable young people and they have been able to provide support about their positive choices moving forward. Their guidance on a 1:1 basis and their interaction with all the young people accessioning our unit during their free time are both valued highly by the young people and staff alike.

The life chances of the students are improves as a result and I would like to thank them for the positive contribution they make to the journey of the children in our care.

Aaron and Harry provide emotional support, Careers and aspirations guidance and role model both during short term interviews and those that take time. They are patient and caring and nurture with a non-judgmental approach. They are invaluable members of our Staff.”

Nic Preston

Head of Inclusion, Sir Johns Colfox, Secondary School

“Dorset Youth For Christ’s work here in Bridport has been a wonderful testimony to God’s Kingdom in action. The input into our local schools has been welcomed warmly, and the integrity caring & service, shown, enables young people to fulfil Jesus’ call, of having a life in all of its fullness.”

Rev Pete Stones

Team Vicar Bridport

“Aaron and the team from Dorset Youth for Christ, organised and led our children and youth work for our Church Away weekend in October 2018.​ We felt confident that by engaging with DYFC, we were able to show our young people, that they are greatly valued in our church family.​ DYFC showed them love and respect at the same time as creatively opening the possibilities of a deeper relationship with God.​”

Katy Ullyatt

Downton Baptist Church


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